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Geospatial Language

The language contained in the corpus is a selection of natural language expressions believed to possess a spatial significance.

The corpus, following some selection criteria, includes two categories of natural language expressions:

(1) those that describe the locations of static objects, either absolutely (the mountain in the north) or more commonly, relative to other objects (the mountain beside the bay);

(2) those that describe the movement of objects relative to static geographic features (she crossed the bridge) including people’s walking paths, bus and van routes, etc. 

Examples of geospatial language:

To provide an idea of what the corpus includes, some examples of geospatial sentences from the corpus are:

A little further along the coast, you can visit the charming fishing villages of Robin Hood's Bay,Runswick Bay and Skinningrove.

A short tunnel was built east of the village in 1825 to take the Cromford and High Peak Railway under the main road between Ashbourne and Buxton (A515).

Alongside the massive Oshkosh fly-in is lovely Lake Winnebago.

After passing the shapely peak of Ben Resipol, the road reaches a fertile side valley occupied by the village of Strontian.

Beyond Outhgill, in a field on the left, is the gaunt ruin of Pendragon Castle.

His kingdom covered many countries, from Greece to Egypt, from Persia to parts of India.

I walk down the broadest thoroughfare on the island, that which leads to the harbour.